About Me / CV


My name is Raphael Berthoud. I’m a 2D artist who loves creating images and telling stories through them. Holding a bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Sao Paulo, I believe visual storytelling to be a crucial communication tool. One that has universal reach, breaching the limits of language, age, and culture.

Consequently, I look for using the whole potential of this medium, be it for telling the simplest idea or a complicated story. Concerning the art I create for clients, I pick carefully each one of the thousand words a picture is worth. After all, my goal is to convey the message they need to tell with precision and impact.

Regarding my work ethics, I never lose sight of being human in my visual speech. Also, I believe great commercial art can create laughter without humiliating. It can exalt instead of objectifying and highlight with no distortion. And, at last, good pictures will portray without exclusion. That’s the kind of work I strive to associate myself and my clients with.

Having the mindset of an eternal student, I’m always taking in new classes and experimenting. All this allows me to keep developing theory alongside practice in my visual production.

Finally, if you think what I have to offer is of some value to you or your company's project, please write to hello@raphaelberthoud.com and get in touch.

Thank you for your time.


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